Sunday, 19 February 2012

Shipping some work out.


 Sending out little samples of my illustrations through the post is, I think the best way to win commissions. I can't even imagine the amount of emails with attachments and links to websites that Art Directors must get everyday from illustrators. Everyone like to receive a good old fashioned letter through the post! With little personalised cards, postcards of my work and a little book that I made called 'What If', I really hope these will be a success. 46 going in the post today!


  1. wow! are they business cards or postcards?..wondered if u printed yourself or got them printed by a company? looks great !

  2. Thanks Lisa..... I had the little bundle of postcards printed by ProntaPrint and I printed the cards and little book myself.

  3. those postcards look so sophisticated and lovely :)
    just found your blog and I totally love it :)


  4. A letter in the post is definitely the way to go. Good luck :)

  5. great idea and yours will defo stand out! x