Sunday, 12 December 2010

Rosalind Maroney... love this illustrator, recently found her on the AOI website.

When it's Christmas, sometimes I make a card.

I luuuuurve this shop!

This shop is actually dangerous for me. I could very easily spend a whole lot of money that I don't have in here. It sells mainly things for the home, jewellery, cards etc... a bit of everything. But I really love the art prints, especially things like this. I love type and my walls are soon to be covered in things like this.

Art Prints

Karin Akkeson is an Illustrator who I've just discovered. She has done some lovely bird prints which I recently bought and has inspired me to do my own. This is just one of three that I designed for my bedroom (when it's finished!). It was originally a mono print, however after messing around with it on the computer, I preferred the digital image which I used to trace from. It is available to buy on my website.

London Transport Week

This is an illustration which I did for a competition for London Transport, found on the AOI (Association Of Illustrators). It is to promote the benefits of cycling around the city. Didn't get anywhere with this but it's still one of my favourite images!

What If...

Images from a little book which I have recently made. It was inspired by children and the crazy questions they ask, like "what if the clouds fall down?". It's only small, about six images in total. Had fun making it though, and me having a particularly child- like mind for a 24 year old, come up with the questions easily enough!